Diesel vs. Gasoline: Which Engine Has the Edge?

When choosing your engine type, many prefer the efficiency of diesel over their gasoline counterparts. Diesel engines are more complex than standard petrol engines and require skilled professionals to manage them. Fortunately, Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. has the expertise … Continued

Get the Most Out of Your Tires With These 4 Tips

It can be costly to replace your tires, but unfortunately, it’s unavoidable. The best thing you can do is extend your tires’ lifespan for as long as possible. The team of professionals at Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. can help … Continued

3 Advantages of a Well-Maintained Suspension

Have you been driving down the road and, what seemed like out of the blue, heard clanging noises or found it difficult to steer? What you experienced was most likely due to a problem with your vehicle’s suspension. Thankfully, Auto … Continued

What Does a Car Diagnostic Test Do?

Car diagnostic tests thoroughly and accurately discover functional or mechanical damage in vehicles. At Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc., we use a state-of-the-art and completely wireless car diagnostic system that identifies various issues like engine problems, exhaust repairs, and electrical … Continued

The Importance of Catalytic Converters

You may have heard of a catalytic converter but maybe you’re not really sure what it does. This auto part is found in every single vehicle and is responsible for reducing harmful emissions that result from hazardous exhaust fumes. At … Continued

5 Warning Signs Your Tires May Need to Be Replaced

Tires are the only parts of your car that connect to the road and are responsible for steering, braking, and acceleration. If you suspect an issue with your tires, call Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc., or read through these five … Continued

3 Common Problems with Diesel Engines

If you drive a diesel vehicle for personal or business use, then you’re already aware of some of the issues that are common in diesel engines. Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. has been servicing and repairing diesel engines since 1987. … Continued

What’s Included in a Full-Service Oil Change?

Oil changes are the first line of defense for keeping your car in optimal working condition. Without this regularly scheduled service, the engine would seize up, leading to very expensive repairs. With every oil change, there are other areas of … Continued