If you drive a diesel vehicle for personal or business use, then you’re already aware of some of the issues that are common in diesel engines. Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. has been servicing and repairing diesel engines since 1987. We’ve had many diesel trucks come to our Lafayette shop with one of these three common problems.

3 Common Problems With Diesel Engines

1. Oil Oxidation

When a diesel truck isn’t driven regularly or often, the oil reacts with oxygen and becomes oxidized. In diesel engines, oxidation is never a good thing. A chemical change occurs resulting in thick sludge-like oil that degrades over time. Keep this from happening by having the oil changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or if your diesel truck hasn’t been driven for quite some time.

2. Dirty Fuel

Because diesel fuel is thicker than gasoline, it can become contaminated more easily. Substances like glycol, soot, and water get into the fuel system, causing rust and bacteria growth. Tiny fragments of rust and waste from bacteria end up clogging filters and damaging various parts of the engine. One of the best ways to avoid these problems is to have any water in the fuel tank drained often. Depending on how much this affects your diesel truck, it may need to be drained daily.

3. Power Issues

Contaminated fuel, too much lubrication, and problems with the fuel injector can all result in a loss of power for your diesel vehicle. Starting and driving diesel trucks involves a multitude of components, including diesel fuel, fuel injectors, and properly lubricated engines. If any of these areas aren’t working correctly, then there is a high possibility the diesel vehicle will have power issues. Have your engine regularly maintained by a diesel mechanic to prevent power problems as much as possible.

Certified Diesel Specialists

You can rely on our highly trained diesel mechanics to expertly and efficiently maintain or repair your diesel truck. Contact us at (765) 477-7300 to schedule an appointment for diesel service, brake repair, oil changes, wheel alignments, exhaust system repairs, and more in Lafayette and all surrounding areas.

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