Imagine how often you drive your car in a typical day. Between running errands around Lafeyette and commuting to work, you constantly rely on your vehicle to work properly. What would happen if the brakes failed? You would run the risk of not only damaging your car, but also jeopardizing the safety of other drivers.

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Brake Repair LafayetteCar owners make the mistake of ignoring the obvious signs that they need a brake repair. At Auto Specialty of Lafayette, we’ve compiled a list of five signs that indicate your car needs a brake check. Besides the brake light appearing on your dashboard, here are other indications of a failing brake system:

  1. Worn brake pads: A car’s hydraulic system has brake pads — padded clamps that apply pressure to the brake rotors. Every time you stop the car, the brake pads are working in full action. Over time, these pads start to deteriorate. Schedule an appointment with our professionals, and we’ll check the condition of the pads.
  2. High-pitched noises: Your neighbors may realize that your car squeaks every time you pull in the driveway, but do you know it? If the stereo is turned up, you may not be hearing the high-pitched noises coming from your brakes. When a car squeaks while braking, it usually means the pads need to be replaced.
  3. Grinding noises: Roll down the windows, and apply the brakes. If you hear a harsh grinding noise, your brake pads are shot. Without the pads as a buffer, the calipers are grinding against your rotor, which can cause serious damage.
  4. Pulling: When you try to stop the car, does it gravitate towards the right or left? This could be a tell-tale sign that there’s a stuck caliper in the braking system. A stuck caliper means that one wheel is experiencing more friction that the others, causing a pulling sensation when you drive or brake.
  5. Vibrations: In good weather, your brakes shouldn’t pulse whenever you stop. Vibrations from the brakes usually mean the rotors are warped.

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At Auto Specialty of Lafayette, we know that other auto shops overprice their services, ultimately deterring drivers from necessary repairs and checkups. Our affordable rates ensure that drivers can get the brake checks they need. If you have any questions about how your car is running, contact us at (765) 477-7300 to schedule an appointment.

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