Auto MechanicIf you’ve owned a vehicle for any amount of time, you know that no two auto mechanics are alike. Prices, professionalism, and speed of service can vary from auto shop to auto shop. So in your search for the right mechanic, how can you determine who is going to do a good job?

While we’d love to tell you to just bring your car to Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc., we know you need to do your due diligence. Toward that end, consider these few tips we’ve compiled to help you find a quality mechanic you can trust.

1. Pay attention to what people are saying.

Ask your friends or family members in the Lafayette area if they’ve had experience with a particular auto repair shop. If so, get feedback on their experiences and look for common themes. You will also want to check service review websites and customer reviews to see whether any red flags come up.

2. Do your research.

Poke around the mechanic’s website, or give them a call. Gather as much information as you can about their services, credentials, years of service, and so on. This information can help you have a more well-rounded picture of that auto repair shop.

3. Don’t turn a deaf ear to bad communication.

If you’ve called a mechanic during regular business hours only to have your voicemail ignored, move on (especially if it’s happened more than once). While that mechanic may be skilled at fixing a car, you also want someone who can communicate with you clearly, exudes professionalism, and values you as a customer.

4. Try ’em out.

If your car isn’t in need of immediate repair, then why not do a “soft run” with a mechanic by getting an oil change or wheel alignment. That way, you can get a firsthand experience with that mechanic before you need to pay for more costly repairs.

We hope you’ll keep Auto Specialty on your list of potential mechanics. We work hard to give our customers a quality experience time and time again. If you want to find out more about our services or schedule an appointment, contact us anytime at (765) 477-7300.


photo credit: Mechanic Shae Davies, 2000 via flickr license

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