When is the last time you remember having your brakes checked? The most critical safety systems of your car are the brakes, so keeping them well-maintained may be the difference to avoid a damaging accident. Keep your car safe with regular brake service, and look out for these key indications of brake problems courtesy of the automotive pros at Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc.

Pulling Left or Right

Does you car feel uncontrollable at times? If your car has the tendency to favor right or left while driving, it could indicate a problem with the braking system. Uneven brake pads or a collapsed brake hose could be causing different amounts of pressure to different wheels.

Bad Vibrations

You’re not picking up good vibrations if you feel rapid pulsing coming from your pedal. In most cases, a vibrating brake pedal means the rotors are warped. The uneven surfaces of the rotors will go against the brake pads, and you’ll feel the feedback through the brake pedal.

Temperamental Pedal

If your pedal is too mushy, you’ll feel like you practically have to stick your pedal to the floor before engaging the brakes, indicating either an issue with the hydraulic system or worn pads. The opposite scenario is when your brakes are sensitive to the lightest tap of the foot, meaning dirty brake fluid or contamination of the fluid is more likely the cause.

At Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc., we recommend a visit to our auto shop if you suspect any sign of worn brakes. Our quality brake service will get your car back to safe operating conditions. Call us at (765) 477-7300 ‎to request service now!

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