The general rule of thumb regarding your vehicle’s oil is to get it changed every 3000 miles. While there is nothing wrong with this oil change routine, however you may be getting one done more frequently than needed. Different cars require different car maintenance. You can determine when you need an oil change based on today’s oil technology, your specific driving conditions and individual manufacturers recommendations.

 Based On The Manufacturer

First and most important, while your car us under the manufacturer’s new car warranty period, any changes to the recommended oil change schedule might invalidate the warranty should something go wrong with the engine. Stick to the schedule in your owner’s manual to avoid problems with the warranty.

Based On The Oil Type

Oil choices include petroleum, synthetic, and blended oil types. Synthetic motor oils cost more but don’t break down a fast as petroleum motor oils. Blended oils include varying ratios of synthetic and blended motor oils. Oils also vary by viscosity, or “slipperiness.” The Society of Automotive Engineers provides numerical guidelines to identify the viscosity of oil specified for your car. The SAE rating is shown as a number like “SAE 10W-30.” Depending on your car and driving habits, the correct oil type can make your engine run more efficiently, save gasoline and prolong the engine’s life.

Based On The Driving Conditions

The job of the oil is to lubricate the moving parts inside of your car’s engine. Specifically, the viscosity of oil provides a slight separation between the moving metal parts, allowing them to slide by one another with a minimum amount of friction for maximum efficiency. Oil also helps cool the engine by transferring heat to the engine block and eventually to the outside air. The usable life of the oil will change depending on when and where you drive. Short trips, frequent cold starts, hot weather and towing a vehicle make more frequent oil changes necessary. Because the type of oil, manufacturers recommendations and driving conditions vary from vehicle to vehicle, the “get an oil change every 3000 miles” rule does not apply to everyone. If you are wondering how often your car needs an oil change talk to one of the highly trained mechanics at Auto Specialty of Lafayette, INC. Located in Lafayette, IN we can assist you with any car maintenance needs including oil changes. Call 765-477-7300 to schedule an oil change or any other routine car maintenance services today.
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