Why pay more when you could pay less? No one relishes spending money on gas, especially if prices are higher than normal. The last entry discussed how doing simple things like driving responsibly and using the manufacturer-recommended oil grade can significantly increase your fuel-efficiency. Below are two more simple tips. Make these changes and watch the savings accumulate! #3: Schedule a Tuneup Since your engine powers your entire vehicle, making sure it’s performing optimally can help increase gas mileage. Below are some indications that you could use an engine tuneup:
  • Check-engine light is on
  • Less power than normal
  • Decreased gas mileage
If your engine seems sluggish, louder than normal, or exhibits any of the above symptoms, it’s time to schedule a car repair. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, tuning an engine that isn’t performing optimally will increase fuel-efficiency by an average of 4%. This saves approximately $0.13/gallon.* #4: Check Your Tires Many people take their tires for granted, ignoring them until something goes wrong. However, properly caring for them increases fuel-efficiency, driving safety, and the life of the tires. If you’re not sure how to maintain your tires, ask your auto repair specialist. One of the most important tasks is keeping them inflated to the specific psi that your owner’s manual recommends. Inflating your tires to the correct psi can increase fuel-efficiency by approximately 3%. This saves you $0.10/gallon.* Read more about how to increase gas mileage in this study. Whether your vehicle is domestic or imported, Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. can help it perform its best. We also specialize in diesel auto repair. We’ve been serving West Lafayette and the surrounding areas of Indiana for over 25 years. We can handle everything from simple maintenance jobs, such as an oil change, to large, intensive auto repairs. Our knowledgeable mechanics take the time to talk with you about your vehicle, and can also suggest tailored tips on how to increase your car’s fuel-efficiency. To make an appointment, contact us at 765-477-7300. *These figures are based on a gas price of $3.25/gallon.
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