As you’re driving down the road and stop at a light or stop sign, do you hear strange sounds coming from your brakes? When you hear odd noises while stopping, it could indicate a problem with your brakes. At Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc., we understand that knowing what those brake noises are can help identify the problem, and let you know if a visit to the repair shop is necessary. Keep reading to learn more about those grinding, rattling, and squeaking brake noises.

What's Causing Those Brake Noises?

Squeaking or Groaning

When you press on the brakes and they squeak or groan, the brake pads could be the culprit. If you had new pads installed and they begin to overheat too quickly, this could be the cause of these noises. It can also be caused by brake pads that don’t have much thickness remaining. In this case, they will need to be replaced.

Rattling or Clunking

If you bring your vehicle into our repair shop and complain of a rattling or clunking noise, our technicians will inspect the brake pad shims, mounting hardware, and brake rotors. The rattling could be a result of the brake pad assembly having too much clearance, the shims needing additional adjustments, or the rotors having material deposits.


A dragging brake is a serious problem and needs to be correctly diagnosed by a professional repairman. At Auto Specialty, if we suspect a dragging brake, we will inspect the brake calipers and sliders as well as the brake hydraulic system. The caliper slide pins could be seized and will need to be removed, cleaned, and lubricated. We may also check the caliper piston boot for cracks or the caliper piston cavity for water. If not repaired, this problem can create excessive heat and warp the rotor or damage the wheel bearing.

Brake Repair Sevice in Delphi & Beyond

If you begin to hear rattling, groaning, or clunking noises from your car, don’t hesitate to bring it into Auto Specialty. Along with our brake check and brake repair service, we also provide diesel engine service, tune-ups, oil changes, wheel alignments, and more in Delphi and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to make an appointment by calling (765) 477-7300.

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