Changing the oil in your vehicle is not a service that should be taken for granted. A quick, affordable oil change provides a multitude of benefits for your car. It improves your car’s overall performance and also decreases gas consumption, saving you money in the long run. Auto Speciality of Lafayette, Inc. provides oil changes to all of our customers, knowing they will keep their vehicles running at peak performance for years to come.

The Importance of Oil Changes

How do oil changes protect your car’s engine anyway? Below are four ways an oil change can make a huge difference in the life of your vehicle.

1. Keeps Your Engine Lubricated

Oil is what keeps all the moving parts of an engine lubricated and running smoothly. Without this slick fluid running through your motor, a host of problems can quickly arise. Clean, new oil is the first defense against preventing complex and pricey car repairs.

2. Keeps Your Engine Clean

As the oil runs through the engine, it picks up dirt and debris, helping to keep the engine clean and working at its best. While the oil is doing its job by picking up all the dirt, it’s also becoming very dirty itself. This is why the oil needs to be changed every three months or 3000 – 5000 miles.

3. Keeps Your Engine Cool

A cool engine is an efficient engine. If the oil runs out or is too murky to effectively clean all the various parts under the hood, the motor will consistently overheat, and begin to show signs of damage.

4. Prevents Major Damage

Not scheduling a regular oil change can cause many unnecessary problems. Different parts of the engine will begin to wear out, causing them to malfunction or stop working altogether. When too many months go by without an oil change, the engine will shut down completely and need to be replaced.

Don’t put off that oil change any longer! Contact Auto Specialty of Lafayette at (765) 477-7300 to schedule your next oil change today. We gladly serve all of the West Lafayette, IN, area.

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