The previous two entries have discussed several ways to winterize your car. This entry wraps up the miniseries by explaining how to assemble something that every car should have—a roadside emergency kit.Winterizing your car certainly decreases your chances of having to deal with an auto repair crises in the bitter cold of winter. However—no matter how careful you are—icy roads, other careless drivers, and violent snowstorms always make driving unpredictable. And it’s always better to be safe than sorry. What You Need Keeping a well-stocked emergency kit in the back of your car will make sure you’re prepared even if something unexpected does happen. Below are some of the most essential items to have in your emergency kit that Edmunds and the DMV list:
  • General Items: Flashlight (with extra batteries), road flares, knife, ice scraper, multipurpose tool (including screwdrivers and pliers)
  • Car Items: Jumper cables, antifreeze, quart of oil, extra fuses, tire inflator
  • Personal Items: Warm blanket, bottles of water, energy bars, gloves, wool socks, small first aid kit
While it’s simple to compile your own kit, especially if you already have these items in your garage, many stores such as Sears, AutoZone, Walmart, and even Amazon sell them. You can find everything from simple and cheap to complex and expensive kits, but don’t feel like you need to buy the most expensive. In most cases, a simple—yet purposeful—emergency kit will do the trick. Whether you need winterizing advice, a car repair, or just a simple oil change, Auto Specialty of Lafayette keeps your car running at its best all year. We’re located in Lafayette, Indiana, and we serve all the surrounding areas, including Delphi and Crawfordsville. Contact us at 765-477-7300 to make an appointment for your vehicle today.
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