Tire AlignmentAt Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc., our customers often ask questions about how to keep their vehicles in the best shape possible to maximize the life of their vehicles. The short answer: Preventative car maintenance. Just like you go to the doctor for well visits, your car needs regular visits to keep it in good shape.

Wheel alignment is one of those preventative services that is important for maintaining the life of your vehicle. Here’s why:

1. Reduce tire wear.

When wheels are aligned according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the tires wear more evenly and slowly. Slowing down the wear on your tires translates to a smoother ride in your SUV or minivan. Plus, you end up having to replace tires less often.

2. Avoid steering problems.

Does your car or truck seem to pull one way or another as you drive? This “pulling” effect could be the result of wheels that are not aligned properly. Your best bet is to schedule an alignment check with our mechanics before the steering problems worsen.

3. Get rid of the vibrating steering wheel.

Very few things can make a car owner more concerned than a steering wheel that vibrates. You just can’t ignore it—and you don’t want to! Proper wheel alignment helps your vehicle stay tuned up so you can enjoy a smooth ride with a steering wheel that’s easy to handle.

Don’t skip out on wheel alignment! Check your car’s manufacturer recommendations for alignment (how often), and then contact Auto Specialty today at (765) 477-7300 to schedule wheel alignment for your car, truck, van, or SUV. When you call, be sure to also ask about other preventative car maintenance, including tune-ups, oil changes, and tire rotation. We will be glad to get your car on the schedule and help you maximize the life of your vehicle.


photo credit: vintage classic retro oldtimer via photopin (license)

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