At Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc., one of our most common services is catalytic converter replacements. This is a metal canister which is installed in the exhaust system, and it works to reduce vehicle emissions and pollution by converting the vehicle’s emissions into non-harmful gasses. It’s an excellent installation to any car; however, they do sometimes need to be replaced.

Here are a few signs that you may need to have a catalytic converter replacement.

#1. Decreased Engine Performance

If a catalytic converter develops any issues, it may have an effect on the vehicle’s engine since it’s installed within the car’s exhaust system. If the converter gets blocked or clogged, it will restrict the exhaust flow, which will cause a reduction in the car’s acceleration, power, and fuel economy. The same thing can happen if the catalytic converter gets cracked because a cracked converter will leak.

How to Tell It's Time for a Catalytic Converter Replacement

#2. The Check Engine Light Appears

The “check engine” light will come on for a number of issues, and one of them is a failing catalytic converter. If the car detects that the catalytic converter isn’t working correctly or catalyzing the exhaust gases the right way, the “check engine” light will appear. Why does this happen? Because the oxygen and air-fuel ratio sensors monitor the efficiency of the catalytic converter by monitoring the gas levels in the exhaust.

#3. You Hear A Rattling Noise

Again, a rattling noise could be the result of a few vehicle problems—but it could definitely be your catalytic converter. If it gets old or damaged internally due to rich fuel mixtures, its meshes may collapse or come apart, which is where the rattle comes from.


Not only are catalytic converters important for the environment; they’re also important to help drivers pass emissions tests. If your vehicle is experiencing any of the “symptoms” above or if you have another reason to think you may need a catalytic converter replacement, please contact Auto Specialty of Lafayette at (765) 477-7300. We’re here for you, serving the West Lafayette, IN, area!


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