3 Signs You Need a Catalytic Converter Replacement

At Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc., one of our most common services is catalytic converter replacements. This is a metal canister which is installed in the exhaust system, and it works to reduce vehicle emissions and pollution by converting the … Continued

Car Maintenance: How We Can Help

Whether you’ve just bought a brand new car or still have a beloved old clunker, car maintenance is critically important. Here at Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc., we offer extensive experience when it comes to everything from simple tune-ups and … Continued

Car Repair You Can Count On

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When Your Car Isn’t Acting Quite Right

It’s a normal day, and you have a thousand things planned. Whether it’s work, school, or visiting a friend, you don’t have time to deal with car issues. Nonetheless, your vehicle starts sputtering. It’s making strange noises and driving rough. You … Continued

Get a Car Diagnostic in Lafayette, IN

Something’s just not right with your car. Whether the check engine light has been on for a few days or your brakes just seem to be more “spongy” than normal, you don’t want to ignore these issues for long. By … Continued

Your Holiday Car-Care Checklist

Soon enough, the holidays will be knocking on your door. For many people, the holidays translate into a busy travel season. You pile your family into the minivan and head out of town, or you drive a couple hundred miles … Continued

Choosing a Good Auto Repair Shop

Did you recently move to Lafayette, IN? Looking for a trusted auto mechanic? We at Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. want to give you a few tips for finding a good auto repair shop (and we hope they lead you … Continued