Remember when you were so excited to buy your first car? Remember when your car broke down for the first time and you quickly realized that car ownership has its downfalls? At Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc, we’re here to help you navigate your car ownership journey. It’s a good idea to know which repair and maintenance tasks would be helpful for you to become familiar with so you’re well-prepared in the event of a flat tire, a dead battery, or several other common auto repairs. 

6 Common Auto Repairs Every Car Owner Should Know (Part 1)

1. Changing the Oil

Let’s begin with one of the most basic car maintenance tasks: changing the oil. If you don’t perform this task every three months, or 3,000 miles, you will eventually be paying for more expensive repairs like a complete engine replacement. Not only should you know how to change the oil, but you should also know how to check the oil level and add oil if necessary.

2. Changing a Flat

It can be so frustrating to be on your way to work or school and hear that all-too-familiar “thump, thump, thump”, down the road. Accidents happen that are out of our control, and a flat tire is one of them. While not a difficult task, it can be time-consuming. You may want to practice taking off a tire and putting on the spare so you’re ready when this inevitably occurs.

3. Replacing Spark Plugs

While most of us know that spark plugs are an essential component of a car engine, we may have no idea where they are located or what kind our vehicle uses. These tiny components literally provide the spark the engine needs to produce power. You won’t necessarily notice them wearing out until your engine is working overtime or you have trouble getting it started. Familiarize yourself with this area of your vehicle, including where the spark plugs are located, which ones your car uses, and how to take them in and out of the engine.

Professional Auto Repair in West Lafayette

While there are many basic car repairs you can perform on your own, there are times you need a professional mechanic to fix your car. Contact us to schedule an appointment at (765) 477-7300 and we’ll have your vehicle working again in no time. We serve West Lafayette with several auto repairs including brake repair and replacement, diesel engine repairs, tune-ups, wheel alignments, exhaust repairs, and more.

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