No one likes to see the dreaded “check engine light” turn on in their car. Often this is taken as a sign that expensive repairs are necessary. That is not always the case, as there can be several reasons why the check engine light is on in your vehicle. It’s important to make an appointment with a trusted auto mechanic, like Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc., and have them run your vehicle through a state-of-the-art diagnostic system. Read below to find out the top three reasons your vehicle may need diagnostic services.

3 Reasons Your Vehicle May Need Diagnostic Services

1. Faulty Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor in your vehicle is responsible for measuring the amount of oxygen in your exhaust system. If there is a problem with this important sensor, it can cost quite a bit to you and your vehicle in both time and repairs. Your vehicle will:

  • Burn more fuel than needed, thus wasting gas and money
  • Lose fuel efficiency as well as gas mileage
  • Sustain damage to the spark plugs and catalytic converter

2. Damaged Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter reduces air pollution by converting hazardous carbon monoxide into less harmful carbon dioxide. This valuable part of your vehicle can become damaged when unburned fuel enters the converter or when the spark plugs are in poor condition and need to be replaced. Although the catalytic converter is not an essential part of your vehicle, it is required by federal law to be replaced, if removed.

When your vehicle has a broken catalytic converter, it will:

  • Not pass an emissions test
  • Experience poor fuel economy
  • Run at a dangerously high temperature

3. Broken Spark Plugs

Spark plugs may be small but they are crucial to the operation of your car. They create the initial ignition for the combustion that is needed to start your vehicle. If faulty spark plugs are not replaced, your vehicle may:

  • Experience poor performance such as reduced power and a misfired engine
  • Have reduced fuel efficiency
  • Possibly sustain a clogged catalytic converter
  • Encounter damaged ignition coils or oxygen sensors

When the check engine light turns on in your car, contact the professional experts at Auto Specialty of Lafayette by calling (765) 477-7300. We gladly serve the areas of West Lafayette, Delphi, and Attica with brake repairs, wheel alignments, and diesel services.

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