Rebuilding and repairing your diesel vehicle requires expert eyes, skilled hands, and professional knowledge. The diesel mechanics at Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. bring all of this to the shop along with their years of experience. More importantly, all of our diesel mechanics are professionally certified.

Certified Diesel Mechanic

What Is a Certified Diesel Mechanic?

Knowing that a certified diesel mechanic is working on your vehicle gives you confidence that your vehicle is in the hands of a highly qualified specialist. A certified diesel mechanic is qualified to:

  • Diagnose and repair performance problems
  • Handle sophisticated and complex diesel engines
  • Apply and use their expert knowledge and professional skills

The difference between a certified diesel mechanic is more than simply 3 – 4 years of post-secondary education and certification in a diesel engine repair program. It’s all about understanding the complex and intricate details of a diesel-run vehicle.

What Can a Certified Diesel Mechanic Do?

A certified diesel mechanic should understand all parts of your diesel engine, including fuel injectors, fuel injector pumps, turbos, fuel lines, and glow plugs. The most complex part of a diesel engine is the fuel injector. This elaborate piece of equipment requires detailed expertise and experience to repair, remove, or replace.

On top of understanding the inner workings of a diesel engine, a certified mechanic should be able to routinely perform basic repairs and tune-ups. Regular tune-ups include oil changes and electrical system tests. Basic repairs involve air filters, fuel filters, fuel additives in colder months, and engine warning lights.

Servicing and understanding the wide variety of vehicles and engines is a crucial element in a highly skilled diesel mechanic. The mechanics at Auto Specialty of Lafayette can serve domestic vehicles, foreign vehicles, and lightweight trucks. They also understand the vast differences between both petrol and diesel engines.

You can trust the certified diesel mechanics at Auto Specialty of Lafayette. Contact us at (765) 477-7300 to schedule your appointment today, or stop into our Lafayette, IN, location anytime with your car or lightweight truck.

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