The summer weather in Lafayette, Indiana, can be unbearably humid. After your car has been parked in the sun for a couple of hours, the inside of the vehicle can feel like a sauna. What happens when you go to turn on the AC and it doesn’t work?

At Auto Specialty of Lafayette, our automotive experts are skilled in a range of car repairs, including any repairs to the vehicle’s air conditioner. Here are some common problems with air conditioners:

  • Air conditioner leak: Broken pumps, blocked drain holes, or loose seals can be causing your air conditioner to leak water.
  • Air conditioning evaporator: An evaporator is an important aspect of an AC and is susceptible to leaks and corrosion.
  • AC compressor: This device compresses the refrigerant and sends it to your car’s air condenser. Since it gets a lot of usage during the summer, it’s common for compressors to only last a couple of years.
  • AC belts and pulleys: Belts and pulleys aren’t permanent fixtures; they wear out and will need to be replaced.

DIY Repair or Visit the Mechanic?

With countless automotive resources and tutorials on the Internet, you may think that a DIY car repair would be a pretty self-explanatory job. Although stores in Lafayette sell AC troubleshooting kits, this equipment is not safe enough for a car owner to try. DIY repairs often make the problem even worse, causing the auto repair to be even more extensive.

Simply put, if you have a problem with your vehicle’s air conditioning, go to your local mechanic. Repairing an AC takes years of experience and automotive knowledge. If you’re looking for a quality mechanic in Lafayette, Indiana, take your vehicle to Auto Specialty of Lafayette. You’ll get the cool air back in your car in no time.

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