Tires are the only parts of your car that connect to the road and are responsible for steering, braking, and acceleration. If you suspect an issue with your tires, call Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc., or read through these five warning signs to find out if they need to be repaired or possibly replaced.

5 Warning Signs Your Tires May Need to Be Replaced

1. Abnormal Wear Patterns

All four of the tires on your vehicle will show signs of wear. You’ll know they need to be replaced if the wear patterns are uneven or skewed, or if the tread is quite shallow. New tires have a tread depth of eight or nine millimeters. If the tread wears down to below two millimeters, it’s definitely time for some new tires.

2. Weather Cracking

Severe storms and seasonal changes can result in tiny cracks on your tires. If you begin to notice more than a few cracks or cuts, this is a sign that the rubber in the tires is breaking down and the tire structure is becoming weaker every day. 

3. Steel Cords

Within each tire is a steel belt which helps give the tire its structure. If you begin to see steel cords coming through your tire, this is a sure sign to stop driving immediately. Those steel cords are actually part of that steel belt. Tires that are this worn down are in danger of blowing out and causing a serious accident on the road.   

4. Vibrations

Tires that vibrate while you drive can be a result of several problems, from uneven tread wear and damaged wheels to an out-of-balance tire or loose lug nuts. Whatever the issue, you should call and schedule a tire service as soon as possible. Driving with tires in this condition can cause more damage, leading to costly repairs.

5. Bulges

A bulge in the side of your tire often indicates a slow air leak. Repairing an air leak on a tire can be simple and affordable. Make an appointment right away, before the slow air leak turns into a blown-out tire that needs to be replaced.

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