Come to Auto Specialty of Lafayette when it’s time for your Lafayette auto repairs and receive quality repair work from an honest auto shop. We are experts in all aspects of auto repair, including brakes, exhaust systems, and diesel engines. We service all types of domestic and imported vehicles, especially cars and lightweight trucks.

More than just a speedy Lafayette car repair garage, we also have a diesel mechanic shop and are dedicated to providing you with honest work at a reasonable price. Our formula for business is Service + Honesty = Trust, and we have taken that stance since opening our doors in 1987. Contact us at (765) 477-7300 today to set up your car shop appointment, or stop by our Lafayette auto repair shop.

Brake Repairs

One of the most important safety features of your vehicle is the braking system. At Auto Specialty of Lafayette, we understand that the last thing you want to do is take a risk with faulty brakes. The automotive experts at Auto Specialty of Lafayette can be trusted to perform your brake repair or brake replacement without taking advantage of you. If you notice any of the following brake-failure symptoms, contact us right away for an auto repair appointment.

  • Brake warning lights turn and remain on
  • A fully depressed brake pedal when coming to a stop
  • Screeching or grinding sounds
  • Shaking of the steering wheel when applying brake pedal
  • Smell of burning rubber or metal

Diesel Mechanic Services

A diesel mechanic from Auto Specialty of Lafayette will handle your diesel engine repairs with great detail and a practiced hand. Because a diesel engine is composed of more intricate parts than a standard gasoline engine, repairs require expert knowledge. At Auto Specialty of Lafayette, our diesel mechanics are fully certified to perform diesel engine repairs and replacements.

Tune Up and Oil Change in Lafayette

Regular and proper car maintenance is vital in keeping your vehicle running smoothly. Although it’s easy to let that next oil change slide, don’t hold off on keeping your car in shape. Auto Specialty of Lafayette can handle all your Lafayette car diagnostic work, oil changes, service light warnings, and other car maintenance procedures. Our state-of-the-art wireless diagnostic equipment identifies your vehicle’s ailments quickly so we can perform any necessary repairs. We also reprogram your vehicle’s on-board computer if it has been giving faulty readings and warnings. Take the time to maintain your car and be rewarded with extra years of service.

Lafayette IN Auto Repair

Alignment and Tires

Alignment is important in keeping your car on the road, and helps keep your tire tread intact. If your vehicle has been pulling to one side, or the steering wheel shakes when accelerating, come to our Lafayette auto repair shop and have our experts inspect your vehicle for any misalignment of tires. If your tires require replacement, we will order a new set and install them within 24 hours.

Auto Specialty of Lafayette also diagnoses and repairs broken or failing suspension systems. Bumpy rides and possible steering problems can be signs of a suspension issue that you’ll want our Lafayette auto shop to inspect.

Exhaust Systems and Catalytic Converters

By reducing harmful fumes from entering the atmosphere, an exhaust system is an essential piece to a vehicle’s structure. Not only are exhaust systems good for the environment, but they also affect gas mileage and safety. Issues with exhaust systems can range from faulty oxygen sensors, fractures or clogged catalytic converters, and poor-quality mufflers or exhaust pipes. Auto Specialty of Lafayette has experts ready to assist with problematic exhaust and emission systems.

Auto Specialty of Lafayette is one of the only dual gasoline- and diesel-engine repair shops in the Delphi, Attica, West Lafayette, Crawfordsville, Fowler, Lafayette IN, and surrounding areas. Our auto mechanics are skilled specialists whose goal is to serve you with honest, quality vehicle repair work. Contact us at (765) 477-7300 to schedule a Lafayette auto repair appointment today, or come into our Lafayette location with your car or lightweight truck.

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