Did you recently move to Lafayette, IN? Looking for a trusted auto mechanic? We at Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. want to give you a few tips for finding a good auto repair shop (and we hope they lead you back to us!)

1. Get input from friends or family members.

Ask people—whether co-workers or family—where they take their vehicles for car repair or a routine oil change. Make a list of potential repair shops, and be sure to note if several people mention the same one.

2. Do your research.

Look into the auto repair shops. Browse their websites, and check their credentials and customer reviews. If you can find the auto mechanic on a service review website, pay attention to what others in your area are saying.

3. Compare rates.

Make sure an auto repair shop’s rates are reasonable. One way you can check average repair rates for your make and model is by using a car repair calculator.

4. Start small.

Unless your car needs major emergency repairs, we recommend that you give the auto repair shop a trial run with an oil change or tire rotation. That way, you can get your routine maintenance and get a feel for their level of customer service and professionalism.

5. Choose a repair shop you trust.

In the end, you want to feel comfortable with the auto mechanic you’re trusting with your car repairs. Therefore, if you don’t get good service or the charges are unreasonable, then take your business elsewhere.

Be sure to consider Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. in your auto repair shop search. To schedule a car diagnostic or repair, call us at (765) 477-7300. We can schedule your service or answer any questions about our auto repair rates or experience.

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