Driving with a set of bad brakes means nothing but bad news for any vehicle owner. Damaged brake pads and shoes lead to a cascade of expensive repairs if not taken care of immediately. Since 1987, Auto Specialty of Lafayette has been replacing brake systems for residents in Lafayette and the surrounding areas. Don’t allow the following irreversible damage to take place. Schedule your next brake service appointment today.

How Driving with Bad Brakes Can Cause More Damage to Your Vehicle

Damaged Rotors

The first part of the brake system to be affected when the brake pads and shoes have worn down are the rotors. Pressure applied to the brakes is now placed directly on the rotors, causing them to warp and crack. If the brake pads and shoes are changed when needed, the rotors will last quite a long time.

Defective Calipers

Calipers are the clamps that fit over the rotors. They control the brake pads and act as a buffer between the calipers and the rotors. Once the pads wear down, the calipers are then grinding directly against the rotors, causing direct damage not only to the rotors, but also to the calipers. Replacing the calipers is an expensive auto repair. It’s best to schedule brake repair service as soon as you hear any squealing noises or smell any strange odors coming from the brake system.

Worn Down Tires

Brakes and tires are all part of the system that keeps your car driving smoothly and without incident. When the brake system becomes impaired, it can lead to irreversible damage to the tires. Slamming on the brakes due to worn pads, rotors, and calipers, leads to unbalanced tires. This, in turn, affects the tires, causing them to wear down much faster than they should.

Prevent serious and expensive auto repairs by scheduling a brake service appointment with Auto Specialty of Lafayette. Contact us today at (765) 477-7300 and let us diagnose and fix your problem with a brake check or tune-up. Our expert auto technicians also provide cost-effective and thorough repair services such as oil changes, catalytic converter repairs, wheel alignments, and diesel mechanic services.

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