Most new years bring about several well-intentioned resolutions that start strong in resolve, but are normally forgotten by March. This year make a resolution that you’ll actually be motivated to keep: saving money at the gas pump. While the current gas price directly affects your savings (or lack thereof), you may have more control over your spending than you originally thought. Even little things like promptly taking care of an auto repair or an oil change help your gas tank stay full longer. The next few blogs will give you some simple steps to fuel efficiency that the U.S. Department of Energy recommends. #1: Drive Responsibly Life isn’t a race, so you shouldn’t drive like it is—unless you’re a driver for NASCAR. Braking and accelerating quickly, sudden swerving and lane changes, and punching the gas pedal are all factors that decrease your fuel efficiency. They also increase your chances of crashing. To see the ramifications that different driving styles have on fuel efficiency, watch the fascinating test that MotorWeek conducted.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy says that driving smoothly can increase your fuel efficiency by 5%–35%. This can save you anywhere from $0.16–$1.07/gallon.*
#2: Use the Correct Oil Believe it or not, the type of oil you use does affect your vehicle. If you look in your car manual, you’ll find that every vehicle has a grade of oil that the manufacturer recommends. When you get an oil change, make sure to ask for that grade of oil. While such a detail may seem insignificant, adhering to it will help your vehicle perform its best and increase its fuel efficiency.
  • Using the right grade of oil can increase your fuel efficiency by 1%–2%. This transfers to $0.03–$0.07/gallon* in savings.
Learn more about how these factors can improve your fuel efficiency in this study. Whether you need a quick tuneup or a serious car repair, Auto Specialty of Lafayette is here to help. We’re located in Lafayette, Indiana, and are qualified to work on domestic models, imported models, and even diesel trucks. To schedule an appointment today, contact us at (765) 477-7300. We’ll help your vehicles perform their best. *These figure are based on a gas price of $3.25/gallon
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