Whoever penned the song, “Let It Snow” clearly wasn’t driving on icy Indiana interstates in the midst of a blinding whiteout. Christmas is one of the most-traveled days of the year, and the weather is always a wildcard. To further complicate matters, weather gurus are predicting a messy Christmas in Lafayette, Indiana, and the rest of the Midwest. The Farmers’ Almanac forecast for the Midwest and Great Lakes says, “Have yourself a messy little Christmas: wintry mix, as mild air from the south overruns cold air from the north.” Tips for Smooth Traveling Unfortunately, we can’t bypass backlogged highways and slippery streets by flying in a sleigh like Santa. However, the traveling tips below may help:
  1. Watch the weather: Since winter conditions are unpredictable, check the forecast before leaving. This will help ensure you don’t hit any surprise snow storms.
  2. Leave early: Don’t rush out the door late. Slippery conditions combined with the sheer number of people on the road often cause delays.
  3. Care for the car: The last thing you need during Christmas travels is a breakdown. Get an oil change and any car repair projects completed before the trip.
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