We’ve all seen the unfortunate travelers on the shoulder of the road, with their engine hoods propped up or their car jacks in hand. Perhaps you’ve even been that person. If you wish to avoid that outcome, below are some auto repair tips that can help prevent you from getting stranded. While you can’t prevent everything—who expected there to be a nail in the middle of the road?—you can take several proactive steps to keep your car in good condition and reduce your chances of stalling or breaking down. Though not all-inclusive, the following guidelines will remind you of some important car repair tasks to help keep your vehicle on the high road of health.


One of the most important systems in your car, your brakes require special attention and care. Since the scheduling varies model-to-model, your car manual should tell you how often to have the brakes serviced and replaced. Make sure to follow your manual’s guidelines, and always bring your car into the shop if you notice grinding, grabbing, or any other abnormal sounds. These often indicate that you need a brake repair. Remember, a little preventative care now can save you lots of money—and stress—in the future.


If you have to turn the key several times to start your car, that’s most likely a sign that your battery is dying. Most car batteries last for approximately three years, but it’s always best to change the battery sooner rather than later. Additionally, batteries most often give out when the cold weather hits—the time that you most need them to work. If you suspect a low battery, bring your car into Auto Specialty of Lafayette. Testing your car’s battery is a simple, easy process. After the test, we’ll be able to tell you what percentage of life it has left so you can feel confident driving during those cold, blustery winter days.


While some people are religious about getting oil changes, others are too lax about it. If you aren’t regularly bringing your car in for an oil change, you may be compromising your engine. Vehicles need the oil, and if all the oil leaks out or burns off, it could significantly damage your engine. With that being said, you also don’t want to get an oil change too often. Many of the garages that specialize in quick oil changes will tell you to come in more frequently than actually needed. The car repair professionals at Auto Specialty of Lafayette can come up with a customized oil change plan for your vehicle. Instead of just telling you to come in every 3,000 miles, we’ll take into account your driving style, driving frequency, and type of vehicle, so we can come up with a tailored plan to keep your vehicle healthy.

Other Car Maintenance Resources

If you’re looking for a maintenance schedule that takes into account your car’s make, model, and age, Edmunds has a handy car maintenance guide. Consult that, or call the car repair experts at Auto Specialty of Lafayette. Whether you need a preventative checkup or an actual repair, we can help. Contact us at 765-477-7300 to schedule an appointment for your vehicle. We’ll keep your car running smoothly and help you avoid those side-of-the-road fiascos.
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