Summertime evokes memories of days at the pool, visits to the Indiana state fair, and — best of all — family vacations. Now is the time to plan a road trip that you’ll talk about decades later. Whether you travel to the next state or across the entire country, these quick tips will help you plan an unforgettable time with family and friends. Road Trip 101 Never planned a road trip before? Below are the basics: 1.Choose a fun destination. While a road trip is more about the journey than the destination, having a fun destination makes the journey even more worthwhile. If you need ideas for places to go, National Geographic has a list of the best road trips. 2.Do a little research. Doing a little prep work beforehand ensures that you don’t unknowingly drive by a hidden treasure. It’s also good to have ideas of fun places to eat, sleep, and visit along the way. 3.Be flexible. It’s wise to plan, but make sure you don’t plan out everything. Give yourself the freedom to explore! Read USA Today’s travel tips for advice on how to book a last-minute hotel for less and how to eat healthy while on the road to make the most of your trip. 4.Pack wisely. Don’t pack too little, but don’t pack too much. After all, you have to save room for a few souvenirs. Also make sure you remember to bring a GPS or map, a basic first aid kit, and your camera. 5.Prepare your vehicle. A week or two before you go, schedule a tuneup and oil change for your vehicle at your auto repair shop. These preventative maintenance checks ensure that everything is in order. They also preemptively catch any small glitches before they turn into major breakdowns. Auto Specialty of Lafayette can help prepare your car for the road ahead. We serve Lafayette — including West Lafayette — and the surrounding IN areas. Whether you need simple servicing or a complex car repair, we’re here to help. Contact us at 765-477-7300 to make an appointment; we look forward to serving you.
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