Due to an atypically harsh winter, Lafayette, Indiana, has already had more snow days than normal. Kids embrace these unexpected days off with great excitement and enthusiasm. However, it’s a slightly more frazzling experience for parents — who spend the day trying to stymie cabin fever, entertain the hooligans, and maybe even get some work done on the side. With even more winter storms in the Lafayette forecast, schools may have to shut down again. However, don’t despair! Below are several fresh ideas for some snow-day fun. Winter Activities for Kids When the snowflakes start to accumulate in West Lafayette, don’t panic. Instead, print this list, and have some winter fun with the kids:
  • Make snow cream. Turn that fluffy white snow into a tasty ice cream treat with Paula Deen’s simple (yet delicious) recipe. First, put eight cups of packed snow into a large mixing bowl. Next, pour 14 ounces of sweetened condensed milk and one teaspoon of vanilla extract on top of the snow. Mix together with a spoon and enjoy!
  • Take on the hills. If the roads are safe enough, venture out to the sled run at Murdock Park in Lafayette. This is the perfect place for the kids to burn off some energy and enjoy all the snow.
  • Get crafty. If you have young children, they’ll love making these homemade bird feeders. As the kids string the Cheerios® and blueberries on pipe cleaners, talk to them about how you’re helping the birds out during a cold day.
With these activities in hand, you can tackle the next snow day with confidence. Winter Vehicle Safety It’s always important to care for your vehicles, but that task becomes even more essential during the winter. Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. is here to help. The professional technicians at our car repair shop can do everything from oil changes and preventative tuneups to major auto repairs. Never used our services before? We’ve been a fixture in the Lafayette community for over 25 years. Moreover, we can repair almost any vehicle — including domestic models, imported vehicles, and diesel trucks. Make an appointment today by calling 765-477-7300. We look forward to serving you.
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