The job of a vehicle’s suspension system is to keep the car riding as smoothly as possible, as well as to keep the car in control while driving on the road. While many car owners know the importance of this system, they may not be aware of all the intricate parts that work together. Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. services each of the components listed below, whenever your vehicle’s suspension is in need of some much-needed maintenance.

The Suspension System & Its 7 Parts

1. Springs

Springs help absorb the impact when you drive your vehicle over bumpy roads, potholes, or other irregular surfaces. These metal coils bend, so neither the driver nor passengers feel the brunt of the impact.

2. Wheels

Wheels and tires are the only part of the suspension that touches the ground. Not only are they responsible for moving your vehicle, but they also work in conjunction with the suspension system to give you a smooth ride. 

3. Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers work with the springs to absorb the shock of driving on the road. Without these essential components, both the vehicle and passengers would be bouncing up and down each time you drive over rough terrain.

4. Rods

Rods are metal links that connect all the different parts of the suspension system together. These important components are built to last the lifetime of the vehicle. The only way they may break is if your car is involved in a vehicle accident.

5. Joints, Bearings, & Bushings

The various joints, bearings, and bushings connect the rods to the rest of the suspension components, although this is not their only function. These crucial elements allow for sliding and twisting actions that are necessary for the suspension system to work properly.

6. Steering System

While the steering system is not a direct component of the suspension system, it is affected whenever any part of the suspension fails. Together, the steering system and suspension are what make the wheels and tires turn and drive. 

7. Frame

The frame is the primary component of the suspension system. It carries the entire weight of the suspension, keeping all the parts connected and working properly. 

Suspension Experts

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