Have you noticed uneven tire wear on your vehicle? Has it become increasingly difficult to steer your vehicle? Do your tires squeal when you make any kind of turn? These are all sure signs that your vehicle may be in need of suspension repair. The expert crew at Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc, can inspect and diagnose any suspension or alignment issues with your vehicle. If you notice any of the signs below, be sure to schedule an appointment as quickly as possible, in order to avoid any further damage to your car.

3 Signs Your Vehicle May Have Suspension Damage

1. Pulling to One Side

Pulling to the right or left is one of the most common signs of a suspension issue. Changes in your suspension indicate that something has been broken or damaged. This could be a number of items including bad tie rods, an impaired steering rack, or a sticky brake caliper. You may be experiencing other issues, along with pulling to one side, such as:

2. Excessive Bouncing

A tremendous amount of bouncing while driving can mean that your shocks or struts are worn and need to be replaced. The shocks are designed to keep your tires evenly on the road, while struts provide support to the overall suspension. When either of these parts is damaged or not working correctly, your car or truck will bounce excessively, especially when driving over bumps or rough spots in the road.

3. Vehicle Sagging on One End

When a vehicle sags on one end or the other, this could indicate a damaged spring or shock system. A spring is meant to support your vehicle. When it’s damaged, it cannot properly support the vehicle’s weight, causing the vehicle to sag. A blown shock can also be the culprit as it may cause the vehicle to place more pressure on the spring than it can handle, making the vehicle sit lower than it should.

The next time you’re having issues with your vehicle, schedule an appointment with the certified mechanics at Auto Specialty of Lafayette. Contact us today at (765) 477-7300 or stop by our location in Lafayette, Indiana, for an inspection. We also provide oil changes, brake repair service, tire service, and basic tune-ups.

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