Taking good care of your car is important for keeping it in its best shape. Regular car care can help you either avoid or anticipate needed car repairs, so you aren’t caught off guard. We at Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. have a few car maintenance tips for Indiana drivers.

1. Pay attention to the manufacturer recommendations.

Most car manufacturers suggest regular car maintenance at the 30,000-, 60,000-, and 90,000-mile marks. You can check your car’s owner’s manual for recommendations specific to your make or model. During this maintenance, the auto repair technician will replace spark plugs, filters, and other components that tend to wear with time and use.

2. Get your yearly tune-up.

No one likes it when that “Check Engine” light starts flashing. We recommend that car owners get an annual car tune-up to help stave off major mechanical issues and costly car repair. A tune-up generally consists of a thorough inspection, and we replace or service parts that are beginning to show signs of wear (such as the fuel filters, spark plugs, distributer caps, and more).

3. Make a regular oil change a priority.

Your car’s oil is what keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently, so you want to make sure you’re taking good care of it. We recommend getting an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or every three months.


4. Don’t ignore the “Check Engine” light.

You know who you are. You’ve been driving around for months with that flashing light on your dashboard, hoping one day it will just disappear. While you may be trying to avoid a costly car repair, you could end up paying more in the long run by not getting a car diagnostic from an auto-repair shop.

Car owners near West Lafayette, IN can bring their vehicles to Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. for all their car maintenance or car repair needs. Our certified auto technicians can make sure your car stays in top shape. Contact us today by calling 765-477-7300.
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