You’ve heard auto mechanics recommend tire alignment along with your annual preventative maintenance. But have you ever wondered whether wheel alignment was really necessary—or just another hit to your auto repair budget? If so, you’re not alone.

Many of our customers at Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. do a good job with getting regular oil changes or a necessary auto repair but shrug their shoulders when it comes to tire alignment or the annual tune-up. However, wheel alignment is an important part of your car’s long-term care.

Here’s why: Your car’s manufacturer designed your vehicle to operate according to a set of specifications. When your car’s wheel position is out of line with these specs, your car may experience:

  • Lower-than-normal gas mileage
  • Pulling to the right or to the left
  • Vibrating steering wheel
  • Uneven tire wear

Tire alignment helps your vehicle remain in the correct position and avoid these symptoms of an “out of alignment” car. As a result, your car can stay in good condition longer, and you get to avoid a major auto repair down the road caused by lack of preventative maintenance.

To learn more about tire alignment or other auto repair services, contact Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. at (765) 477-7300. Our car repair experts will be glad to schedule you an appointment and talk you through your options. Our Lafayette location is within easy driving distance for car owners in West Lafayette, Attica, Monticello, Delphi, and the surrounding areas.

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