The role of a catalytic converter is to reduce the amount of toxic gas and pollution that exits from vehicles. When a catalytic converter is not working properly, it can wreak all sorts of havoc on your vehicle’s engine. At Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc., we have decades of experience repairing and maintaining exhaust systems, including catalytic converters. If you spot any of the signs below, you may have a problem with this essential engine system.

4 Signs of a Clogged Catalytic Converter

1. Check Engine Light

When your check engine light suddenly turns on, this is a sure sign that something is wrong with your vehicle – and it could be the catalytic converter. There are several different reasons your engine may be performing poorly or inefficiently. The next step is to schedule an appointment with one of our mechanics to perform a full diagnostic of your vehicle.

2. Stalled or Difficult to Start Engine

If there is too much smoke and exhaust surging through the exhaust system, it can cause the engine to stall or make it difficult to start altogether. When there is a major blockage, your engine may start but then sputter out only seconds later.

3. Poor Fuel Economy

When your car’s engine cannot breathe properly due to a severe blockage in the catalytic converter, your fuel economy will begin to suffer. If you begin to notice you are having to fill up your tank more often, this could be a sign that your catalytic converter is damaged.

4. Failed Emissions Test

A properly installed and well-working catalytic converter helps to combat harmful gases and emissions that are destructive to the environment. If you bring your vehicle in for an emissions test and it fails, then there is definitely a problem with your catalytic converter. 

Specializing in Catalytic Converters

Auto Specialty has the experience and knowledge to carefully repair the exhaust system in your vehicle, including the catalytic converter system. Don’t wait any longer to fix your vehicle! If you live in the Attica, IN, area, contact us at (765) 477-7300 to schedule an appointment today. We also repair brake systems and diesel engines, perform wheel alignments, and provide valuable engine tune-ups.

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