A vehicle’s exhaust system is made up of several parts, each of which has its own important job to keep your engine running smoothly. When one of these essential parts becomes damaged, it can cause a multitude of problems if not taken care of properly. Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. has been taking care of exhaust issues since 1987. We have the experience and the equipment necessary to return your car to its like-new condition. If you live in the Lafayette area and suspect any of the following issues, be sure to schedule an appointment with our certified mechanics right away.

5 Common Exhaust System Repairs

1. Oxygen Sensor

If you’re experiencing terrible gas mileage, it could be the oxygen sensor. This important sensor measures the amount of oxygen in a vehicle’s exhaust. If it’s not working properly, it sends inaccurate information to the vehicle’s computer, which can spell disaster for your car’s gas mileage.

2. Exhaust Leak

Loud noises coming from your exhaust system is a sure sign of an exhaust leak. Constant heating and cooling of the exhaust system can cause leaks in the gaskets and lead to more serious damage to other parts of your vehicle. It’s important to bring your vehicle into our certified mechanics as soon as you hear any suspicious loud noises.

3. Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is responsible for turning harmful carbon monoxide into water vapor and carbon dioxide. If this valuable part becomes clogged, it can lead to loss of power, an overheated engine, and a number of other destructive issues.

4. Exhaust Pipe

Rust is the main culprit of damage to an exhaust pipe. Off-road driving or driving on a bumpy road can also cause the exhaust pipe to become damaged, cracked, or bent.

5. Muffler

Mufflers also tend to rust out and, if they do, your car’s engine will become increasingly louder. Be sure to find a reliable mechanic to replace this essential part of your vehicle’s exhaust system.

Lafayette’s #1 Solution for Exhaust Repairs

Contact Auto Specialty at (765) 477-7300 to schedule an appointment for any exhaust system repairs. We also provide basic car tune-ups, brake repairs, oil changes, wheel alignments, and new tire replacements. For your convenience, we service Lafayette, West Lafayette, Delphi, Fowler, Crawfordsville, Attica, and all nearby communities.

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