Faulty brakes are not something you want to ignore. Car brakes keep you safe, and when you’re traveling at high speeds, you want to make sure they’re reliable. Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. wants to pass along five important indicators that your vehicle may need brake service.

1. The brake warning light appears.

We know you love to ignore the warning lights that suddenly appear on your dashboard. (If you just pretend they aren’t there, they will go away, right?) However, when your brake warning light comes on, you don’t want to close your eyes and hope for some magic. This light comes on for a reason, so do yourself a favor and take it to a brake repair specialist who can run a full car diagnostic and brake check.

2. You hear screeching or grinding sounds.

Applying the brakes shouldn’t cause you to want to cover your ears. These sounds often indicate that your brakes or specific brake parts (like the rotors or pads) are in sore need of brake repair or replacement.

3. Your car has the shakes.

Does your car begin to shake when you push down on the brakes? Well, it shouldn’t. The brake shakes could indicate that your brake rotors need to be serviced, repaired, or replaced. (Car vibrations can also indicate the need for tire alignment or balancing, so don’t ignore it!)

4. You consistently smell something burning.

If you notice the smell of burning tire rubber or metal, know that you need to get your car into an auto-repair shop. When these smells are clearly coming from your car, the cause can be anything from a worn-out part to a complete brake malfunction.

5. The brake pedal is pressed fully to the car floor.

Auto repair technicians say that the need to push your brakes all the way to the car floor is often a first sign that you need to seek out brake repair.

For questions about brake repair or a car diagnostic, contact Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. at 765-477-7300. Our car-repair technicians can help answer your questions and keep you safe out on the Indiana roads.

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