Maintaining Your New Car

You just purchased a new vehicle. Whether you drove it new off the lot (or new to you), you’re excited about your upgrade. More than likely, you want this vehicle to last quite a while. Well, let Auto Specialty of … Continued

Top 4 Reasons to Get an Annual Tune Up

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Preventative medicine is the best medicine.” At Auto Speciality of Lafayette, Inc., our mechanics know this saying to ring true. Maintaining good health—whether you’re talking about your personal health or the health of your vehicle—is … Continued

When Your Car Isn’t Acting Quite Right

It’s a normal day, and you have a thousand things planned. Whether it’s work, school, or visiting a friend, you don’t have time to deal with car issues. Nonetheless, your vehicle starts sputtering. It’s making strange noises and driving rough. You … Continued

4 Facts about Catalytic Converters

Most car owners who come through Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. understand the value of the oil change, an annual tune-up, or even tire alignment. However, fewer people it seems understand the value of a catalytic converter—and why it’s important … Continued

How To Find a Quality Mechanic

If you’ve owned a vehicle for any amount of time, you know that no two auto mechanics are alike. Prices, professionalism, and speed of service can vary from auto shop to auto shop. So in your search for the right … Continued

3 Reasons Not to Skip Tire Alignment

At Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc., our customers often ask questions about how to keep their vehicles in the best shape possible to maximize the life of their vehicles. The short answer: Preventative car maintenance. Just like you go to the doctor for … Continued

3 Need-to-Know Facts about Oil Changes

You may be wondering what the big deal is about oil changes—and you’re not alone. Most car owners understand that every so often they need to have their car’s oil changed. However, not everyone is on the same page as … Continued

Indiana Auto Repair You Can Trust

Did you recently move to the West Lafayette area and need a quality auto repair shop? Or maybe you’ve been here a while but have yet to find a good auto mechanic? Don’t get discouraged or overwhelmed by your options. … Continued

Get a Car Diagnostic in Lafayette, IN

Something’s just not right with your car. Whether the check engine light has been on for a few days or your brakes just seem to be more “spongy” than normal, you don’t want to ignore these issues for long. By … Continued

The Benefits of an Annual Auto Tune Up

You may have heard that you need to get your car into your local auto mechanic for a yearly tune-up. But have you actually taken the time to follow this prescription for preventative maintenance? Maybe you’re wondering why an annual … Continued