You may know the signs of a bad braking system – screeching and grinding noises, a shaking steering wheel, or the activation of the brake warning light. While it’s a good thing to recognize these signs, it’s always good to be reminded why it’s important to have your brakes checked before any of these symptoms occur. The professional mechanics at Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc., make it their priority to keep your family safe, prevent accidents, and save money, by performing brake inspection services for residents of the West Lafayette area.

3 Important Reasons to Have Your Brakes Checked Regularly

1. Keep Everyone Safe

The braking system is the first line of defense when it comes to keeping everyone in your vehicle safe. You probably don’t even want to think about what might happen if something terribly wrong happened to your vehicle’s braking system. For most vehicles, a brake check every six months will ensure that your car keeps performing in top-notch condition.

2. Save Money

When you think there may be a problem with the brakes in your car, a brake service appointment is most likely in your near future. This is not a good time to delay scheduling that brake service check. If you continue driving with worn brake pads, failing brake rotors, leaking brake fluid, or any other damaged area of the brakes, it could end up costing you more money in the long run. 

3. Prevent Accidents

Driving with superior brakes not only keeps your family safe and saves you money, but it can also prevent accidents, especially when driving in less than optimal conditions. If you’re driving through icy, snowy, or rainy weather, you want a vehicle that can react well in these types of hazardous circumstances. 

Professional and Family-Owned

Has it been more than six months since you’ve had your brakes checked? Then contact Auto Specialty today at (765) 477-7300 to schedule an appointment. We can also repair or maintain your tires, diesel engine, or exhaust system

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