Soon enough, the holidays will be knocking on your door. For many people, the holidays translate into a busy travel season. You pile your family into the minivan and head out of town, or you drive a couple hundred miles to attend your college buddy’s annual New Year’s bash. No matter your destination or the celebration, we at Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. want to make sure you get there safely. Before you head out, make sure you’ve taken care of any needed auto repair.

Auto Specialty

We recommend that you have one of our auto mechanics check on whether your car needs the following:

Be sure to also have the auto mechanic take a look at your tires. We’re approaching winter weather in Indiana, and you want to make sure your tires are in good shape for the icy or snowy conditions ahead.

We recommend that you bring your car into Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. sooner rather than later to avoid the holiday rush. If your car needs auto repair, then you will want to allow plenty of time for our auto repair team to complete them. To schedule your holiday car-care check-up, contact Auto Specialty of Lafayette, Inc. at (765) 477-7300.

photo credit: Special Cargo via photopin (license)

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